How to get the most out of your visit to a museum

Well, I prepared well in advance for your visit. But now let’s talk about how to visit the museum inside.

# – Fitting dress

This is important advice for visiting museums.

Let’s start with your shoes first. When you are in the museum you won’t walk much, but you will be standing in the same place often. This can be stressful. Sure, wearing comfortable shoes is crucial to a great museum experience.

Many of the exhibits are fragile and to prevent deterioration, museums have a cooling system for their interiors. That’s why it’s always a little bit new to showrooms. So my advice is to bring a cardigan to put inside.

# – Spend no more than 2 hours in the museum

In my experience, after two hours in the museum, you will be too tired to explore further.

This is why it is important to research the museum’s collection before your visit. Just going to a museum and wandering around wouldn’t be without an idea of ​​what you’d see as the best experience.

To truly enjoy the artworks, learn the history behind them, and have a great museum experience, just select one collection and explore it extensively.

When you’re at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, spend your time only on the Honor Gallery. Or just explore the impressionist collection at Orsay, Paris. I usually do that and it makes a big difference, trust me.

# – Focus on details rather than seeing more

This museum tip is related to the previous tip. Instead of trying to see as much as possible in the museum, focus on the details. Art is all about the emotions it stirs up in us. To get a feel for the pictures, focus on the details.

Stand in front of the image and see if you notice the brush strokes or are drawn by a texture artist. What does a tire look like? Is it new or old? You can also get very close to the palette, paying attention to color, texture, and detail. Then take a few steps back and look at it from a distance to see how the entire composition changes.

Choose some pictures and explore them this way. I am sure your experience with the museum will be more exciting than usual.

# – Ask questions

My favorite thing about visiting museums is to talk about the artwork. Visiting the museum on a tour is a great way to ask your guide any questions you have. Why is this painting so famous? How long would it take for an artist to create a marble statue? Take advantage of having an expert with you and ask about anything that interests you.

If you are visiting the museum on your own, you can always ask museum keepers to tell you which part of the museum you want to explore next. Or even some exhibits. They usually know a lot about the groups they are interested in.

Also, discuss the art with your travel buddies. Is there something you did not like at all? Talk about it! Art is a personal thing and it should be discussed. Do you remember when I mentioned how art is about the emotions it stirs in us? Well, these feelings can be happy, sad, angry, or even confusing. And it’s interesting to see how the person you live with lived the same artwork.

# – Avoid taking pictures

Check the phone in the museum!

Museums are places that you can slowly enjoy. This way, they transport you to another world. And although some of the exhibits may be very beautiful and interesting to you, do not take pictures of them.

The first thing to do when using flash is to destroy photos, which are often hundreds of years old. And since the light in museums is often dimmed, the quality of your photos isn’t the best.

Museum stores sell postcards containing most of the artwork they have hosted so you can keep the memory this way. And often you can find high-quality images on their website.

Another thing is that you will spoil the experience of other visitors trying to enjoy these exhibits. And the experience ruins for themselves, too. So check out the phone and enjoy a wonderful and relaxing museum visit.