What do you do after visiting the museum?

So I enjoyed visiting the galleries and exploring the artworks. But what can you do to enjoy your visit for longer?

# – Have a coffee at the museum café

Though opinions differ, I would love to end my visit to the museum café. I don’t know if it’s because I spent a few hours walking, soaked in all this art, or because their surroundings are usually beautiful. I would love to spend more time in the museum cafe after my visit.

# – Take time to absorb everything you see

Taking a break in the museum café gives you some time to absorb everything you’ve seen in the galleries.

If you’re alone, you can browse through your flyer or museum brochure and keep the art sense full for a few more moments. Or if you work for a company, you can talk about your favorite works of art, or ones that you didn’t like / did not understand at all.

# – Visit the museum store

There are also mixed opinions on this topic. But I like to visit the museum shops at the end of my visit. It’s a great way to remember the museum and the art you saw there. Maybe you can buy postcards or copy your favorite paintings.

I also love choosing art books and I’m always looking for new publications to add to my collection.

It’s also a nice place to shop for beautifully local design products. Museums in London have a lot to choose from. And I love some of the design products you can find at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

# – Read a book or watch a movie about something you liked the most

If you are completely amazed at a painter or art movement you saw while visiting a museum, see if you can find a book or movie about it. There are lots of great fiction books on old masters and some great documentaries on impressionism. If you enjoyed the work of Vincent Van Gogh, you can read more about the life and work of Vincent Van Gogh in my series of articles here.

Visiting a new museum might be a challenge at first, but well prepared museum visit is essential. I hope this guide to the perfect museum visit helped you organize your trip and understand how to properly visit the museum.

Do you have any other tips for visiting museums? Let me know in the comments!